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*Los Angeles — is the #1 site for Hollywood’s fresh new faces, created by Casting Director Amber Bickham in an effort to bridge the gap between studio executives and undiscovered talent.

Bickham has worked with Russell Simmons and Stan Lathan’s Media Group (SLMG) on a series of projects for HBO, E!, Oxygen, and Comedy Central.

She is currently the Talent Producer for Russell Simmons Presents:
Stand up at the El Rey which premiered this month on Comedy Central and is the multi-cultural version of ‘Def Comedy Jam’.

While casting for various shows, Bickham realized there’s a lot of undiscovered talent that’s not getting the recognition they deserve and are not in the reach of the studio executives who are looking for new faces.

She was sick and tired of what she likes to call ‘Actor Recycling’, seeing the same actors over and over again in the same TV shows and movies.

In an effort to dispel the notion that there’s no fresh talent in Hollywood, Bickham hit the streets in discovery of the shining stars of tomorrow and created which is a free site for producers and directors to search for rising stars. The site is designed to provide a platform that spotlights undiscovered and overlooked talented actors, hosts and comedians of all cultural backgrounds. is a time effective way for studio and network executives, directors, producers, agents and other casting directors to search for the ideal talent by logging on to and viewing various individuals with exceptional talents.

“I wanted to bridge the gap between the undiscovered talent and the studio executives to make them easily accessible for casting,” Says Bickham, who has a keen eye for unmistakably raw talent.

Bickham is very particular about who is represented on You’ll find a photo, credits and brief description highlighting the actor’s strong points. To be considered, an actor must submit a headshot, resume and reel to [email protected].

About Amber Bickham
Casting Director, Talent Booker, Acting Coach, Consultant and Producer, Amber Bickham does it all. Along with producing pilots and working with the Russell Simmons and Stan Lathan Media Group (SLMG) casting for various networks, Bickham has scouted talent for a number of television, film and production companies including MTV, NBC, ABC (Jimmy Kimmel Live!), The Discovery Channel, Sprint’s Mobile Entertainment Channels and feature film ‘Miles from Home,’ she has also booked A-list talent for the Coca Cola Company live events in conjunction with The Weinstein Company, CIAA and NASCAR.

Aside from casting, Bickham is talented in her own right at coaching, training and grooming actors and recording artists for television and film. Bickham teaches an acting workshop once a month and also gives private coaching lessons

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