Professor Tyrone Hayes

*Have you ever met one of those people who are just too smart for their own good? They have the books, the academic accolades, and a very high up title behind their name. Well, biology professor at the University of California Berkeley, Dr. Tyrone Hayes, is one of those people.  He currently has some beef with herbicide manufacturer Syngenta because they have allegedly been attempting to debunk some of his research.

So, he took his 10-year feud to a whole ‘nother level. He wrote an email to the company, laced with very interesting rap lyrics, taken out of context of course. The most recent, he concluded his message with Ludacirs and Beanie Sigel, “I’m restless, tryna tell ‘em that I’m hotter than a burn of the 3rd degree, Then I try to tell ‘em that nobody in the world as hot as me,” on his “How Low Remix.”

Where were his friends? They are the ones who are supposed to keep him balanced in all things. I understand, the brotha’s got a cause to support, but this right here is laughable. (more…)