*In an interview with a Canadian reporter Nardwuar, Drake shared his thoughts about his preference of women.

“I put like the biggest breast bras on my mic stand,” he admitted. “I try to showcase the fact that a full chest is nothing to be ashamed of… You shouldn’t go get them reduced. Breasts are a beautiful thing.”

A bizarre revelation Drake revealed in the interview was that he has a large collection of large sized bras.

“I actually have an entire trunk, I think there’s about 4[00] or 500 bras in this trunk,” Drake said. “It’s a black trunk and I carry it with me on the road. It’s pretty much every bra I’ve ever received.”

In the interview, Nardwuar handed over a vinyl soundtrack from the blaxploitation film ‘Coffy,’ starring Drake’s favorite big breasted woman, Pam Grier. Drake, visibly surprised, held the collector’s item.

Pam Grier as Foxy Brown

“This woman… Oh man, this is gonna sound so weird,” he continued, “When I first discovered what masturbation was, I used to jerk-off to Pam Grier. I think Pam Grier is really responsible for shaping my taste in women if you really look at her.”

Umm, that would be waaay too much information there, Mr. Drake, but duly noted.