*Erykah Badu will have to pay for her public strip tease on a Dallas street.

The singer has agreed to pay a $500 fine and serve six months probation for shedding her clothes in a video filmed at the site where president John F. Kennedy was shot dead in 1963, the Dallas Morning News has reported.

Badu, a native of Dallas, paid the fine on Friday, a city spokesman told the Texas newspaper.

In the video, titled “Window Seat,” Badu descends from a car and in broad daylight walks down the street shedding her clothes. Families and workers appear in background stunned and surprised.

The five-minute, 35 second video, filmed in one take in March, ends when Badu pretends she has been shot and snaps her head back.

The Grammy award-winning singer was charged with disorderly conduct when tourists and visitors complained, the newspaper reported.

Badu explained via a Twitter message that the video was a declaration against “groupthink,” and that she was more concerned about police interrupting the filming than about appearing nude in public.