Bow Wow at FootLocker on 34th Street in NYC

*The call went out to the press to watch Bow Wow in action as he goes to work at the local FootLocker on 34th Street, right across the street from the site of one of Hollywood’s most famous movies, “Miracle on 34th Street.”

And it was nothing less than a miracle for the anxious crowds outside 120 West 34th Street who were anxiously waiting to meet and receive an autographed picture of Bow Wow.

Before his entrance behind the store’s counter, Bow Wow was holed up in a tiny office behind the stockroom and gave an exclusive.

EUR: Ok, so why are you here?

BOW WOW: Whoa! Why am I here? That’s a great way to start it off [members of his crew agree, responding with ‘Right, right, right]. I’m here to promote my movie, ‘Lottery Ticket,’ which will be in theaters everywhere Friday, August 20 and New York has always been one of my biggest markets and it just so happens I worked at Foot Locker in the movie. So we thought it would be a good promotional idea for me to actually come to work in real life.

EUR: Are you really working here today?

Yeah, I guess you can say that [laughs].

EUR: Why this movie?

BOW WOW: Because it just makes perfect sense. I fell in love not just with my character but with the idea of giving back; things like that I stand for.  I do a lot of giving back. My character is a kid who comes from nothing and hits the lottery. Now that he’s made it big, he has to deal with the pressure of maintaining the money and maintaining the company that he keeps. That’s something as celebrities we have to go through a lot, too, because we’re in a position of power and everybody wants a piece of it.

EUR: If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

BOW WOW: I would buy me a basketball team. I really would.

EUR: What advice do you have for all those young people out there waiting to meet you?

BOW WOW: Just stay blessed! Stay humble. Whatever goal there is in life you want to achieve, just always tell yourself that you can because it’s the truth. You can. I was five and I knew I wanted to entertain people and look where I’m at. I’m here signing a million autographs a day and I love my job.

Bow Wow signing autographs in NYC at FootLocker on 34th Street