*So, no one likes anyone telling them how to raise their kids, right? Well, when a flight attendant takes your crying baby away, what do you do? According to reports made by abcnews.com, a Southwest Airlines flight attendant took custody of a baby girl, after her mother slapped the child on Monday.

When the plane landed, the family was met by the police. Southwest spokesperson told the authorities were called as a precaution for the child.

The police said the baby had a black eye, but it was blamed on the dog. Despite the hard-to-believe story, the police said the parents were not abusing their child.

Meanwhile, ABC News said according to a report from Albuquerque police, the parents, Lee Ann and Joseph Cid, were arguing on the flight, trying to get their 13-month-old daughter to stop crying, when the flight attendant, Beverly McCurley, intervened. (more…)