*The New York Post reported that Foxy Brown appeared in court Wednesday morning in front of a grand jury to sort out her legal dilemma against her Brooklyn neighbor, Arlene Raymond and longtime manager, Bernadette Brennan.

According to the complaint filed by Raymond, Brown, real name Inga Marchand, violated a restraining order issued due to a 2007 incident between the two.

Brown allegedly got into a verbal disagreement with Raymond outside of their Brownstones on July 21, shouting obscenities to her neighbor. But she hopes to put this rubbish all behind her.

“Today was about telling the truth and my focus was on trying to be exonerated,” she said in court.

But she also got into an altercation with her manager a week before allegedly violating the protective order. The fight took more than 10 people to break up.

“An argument started because my manager had booked us for two interviews but
only gave us 20 minutes’ notice for hair and make-up,” Foxy explained to the
New York Post when news of the brawl spread. “My manager was yelling and
screaming at my friend. It was a heated exchange between three friends. I
never hit anyone.” Foxy Brown left the scene before police arrived and no
charges were filled for that accident.