*Ah yes, once you’ve seen him, how can anyone forget the one and only Antoine Dodson. Remember the young man, who is commonly mistaken for a woman, in Huntsville, Ala. who spoke to the press about the “bed intruder?”:

The news clip went viral over night and brought to this young project boy  some long sought after attention.

So as a result of his ghetto fabulousness and extra flamboyance, his comments were digitally turned into a song on YouTube and so far has received over 10 million hits. And speaking of hits, the song has now become an iTunes smash!:

Anyway, I don’t want to discredit him completely. He seems to have a good heart… (sigh). He told reporters the attention at first bothered him, but soon found a perfect opportunity to get his family out of the projects. He’s hoping to turn this situation around to be a blessing for his loved ones. (more…)