*On Monday, left-wing watchdog group Media Matters joined GLAAD, the Women’s Media Center and Unity Journalists of Color to not only denounce Dr. Laura Schlessinger for her recent use of the N-word on-air, but to call on her advertisers to abandon her.

Schlessinger used the epithet multiple times while talking to a black caller and making the point that the charge of “racism” has been losing its power to abuse.

Schlessinger has apologized for her use of the N-word and on her blog Monday she wrote extensively about her experience since the Aug. 10 show.

“My intent was to help a caller, but, by using that word, I did the exact opposite for her and for many others,” she wrote.

She also blasts the media for “compounding the damage” by choosing to “rebroadcast my error again and again and again.”

Her post also delves into some media-political analysis: “When I first started out in radio, people disagreed…. they didn’t hate and they didn’t try to censor or destroy an opposing point of view. Instead… they argued and debated.”

Not good enough, said Media Matters, which says in its statement Monday: “It’s clear the airwaves are no place for Dr. Laura’s hate speech. By choosing to sponsor her, Dr. Laura’s advertisers are not only funding her offensive radio show, but are implicitly endorsing its content.”

The Media Matters campaign is reminiscent of the one waged by gay and lesbian activists a decade ago after that community accused her of engaging in homophobic rhetoric. That ordeal likely ended any chance she had of turning her CBS television show, then in its infancy, into a success, especially since about 170 advertisers pulled out as a result of the activists’ campaign.

Dr. Laura’s show attracts about 10 million listeners weekly. NewsMax magazine recently listed her as the eighth most influential radio talk-show host in the country, right after Glenn Beck.

On Friday, Keith Olbermann at MSNBC made Dr. Laura his “World’s Worst” person in a segment that included spooky music and lots of bleeps.