Shaun Robinson and Manuela Testolini

*Beverly Hills, CA — On Friday, August 6th, 2010, In a Perfect World and Shaun Robinson presented the first annual “I AM PERFECT – EXACTLY AS I AM” event, sponsored by Dove ® at the SLS Hotel on La Cienega Blvd. in Beverly Hills, CA.  

The informal brunch, hosted by Robinson and Manuela Testolini celebrated a notable group of exceptional teenage girls and help reach a collaborative mission to empower children and youth to become compassionate, socially conscious and responsible leaders.

Special invited celebrity friends Laila Ali, Niecy Nash, Monique Coleman, Vanessa Simmons, Pauletta Washington, and Garcelle Beauvais, donated their time to this extraordinary event. All shared candid advice to teenage girls on what it takes to believe in themselves. Others shared personal life experiences and stories, as well as excerpts from a book written by Shaun Robinson, titled “Exactly as I Am.”   

“I wanted to bring together a group of girls to experience a wonderfully inspiring day of beauty and empowerment – to help each one of them know how unique and special they are. Having women that these girls look up to, come and share in this day with them, is the sweetest icing on the cake and we all are so grateful,” says Author and “Access Hollywood” host Shaun Robinson.

In a Perfect World youth ambassadors also discussed their community service projects and what it means to give back. All youth participants organized and assembled a back to school backpack drive, to benefit a Los Angeles classroom in need.

“I am incredibly inspired to see this amazing group of women come together, to empower and inspire teen girls for what will be a once in a lifetime experience”, says Manuela Testolini, founder of In a Perfect World.
The day’s events also included Girls Inc., a group of disadvantaged teenage girls from the Los Angeles area, who were treated to a once in a lifetime makeover by celebrity hair, make-up and fashion stylists.

About In A Perfect World
In a Perfect World empowers children and youth to become compassionate, socially-conscious, and responsible leaders.  It is our vision to provide children the opportunity to express themselves artistically about their needs, dreams, and issues that impact their lives, as well as supporting community-based organizations that implement innovative strategies and programs designed to (a) address community needs and issues, and (b) develop and recognize leadership in children and youth consistent with our mission.  For more information please visit

About Exactly As I Am
Entertainment reporter and author Shaun Robinson has spoken candidly both on camera and behind the scenes with countless celebrities. Consequently, she has received hundreds of emails and letters from girls across the country asking how they can be more like their favorite stars. But the truth is, these actors, singers, athletes, and media and political figures are remarkably similar to teenage girls in essential ways: They all still struggle with issues of self-esteem and body image and doubt, and they all, at some point, have compared themselves with their peers and felt they came up short. In Exactly As I Am, Robinson shares both the honest comments she’s heard from young women and the heartfelt and encouraging advice she’s been in the rare position to glean from today’s most notable women. The result is a book that will inspire girls to find their inner strength, grow confident, and believe in themselves.