*Los Angeles, California – New book publisher Sugar and Spice is quickly establishing itself as a romance novel publisher to watch.  For writers it fills several little-served romantic niches.  

For  readers thirsty for page-turning reads, the electronic literature can be downloaded at economical prices.    

Most recently, author Jacqueline Turner Banks, created a series of fictional novels for the publisher centered around the remote Dogon Tribe of Mali in West Africa.  

Readers learn about the Hunters lives and loves in Scented Lust and the recently released, Scented Dreams, and are taken on an suspenseful journey in which they are immersed in the nuances, complexities, joys and fears of love stories that never fails to surprise.

Based on the remote Dogon Tribe of Mali in West Africa, who mapped sections of the solar system centuries before the invention of telescopes, which they claim to have learned from extraterrestrial visitors.  

Legend has it the visitors were followed by their enemies, Humanoid bloodsucking beings, who had no natural enemy on Earth.  Subsequently, the Dogon had to create Hunters to track and destroy the Bloodsuckers.

From this backdrop, the writer has created an erotic paranormal, interracial romance in Scented Dream with the Dogon tracker Ian, who finds himself on a hunting assignment in the Chicago area.  While there he at least figures he can spend the time visiting the river casinos or getting some much needed rest. That notion changes when he gets his first look at his driver, the strikingly beautiful Nesta. They’re catapulted into a whirlwind weekend of danger, mystery, and the possibility of mind-blowing sex.  Before long, Ian realizes the least of his problems are the bloodsuckers he’s traveled there to eliminate.  Not just his life, but his sanity is threatened when their growing relationship is discovered by her protector, a very powerful being, and Ian is forced to take a stand.

“I highly recommend this book (Scented Dreams) to anyone who wants a very enjoyable and exciting ride. It is a love story with a good mixture of humor, thrills, and sex to give the reader one hell of a good read.”

Scented Lust (ISBN #978-1448698080) $5.99; Scented Dreams (ISBN #978-1451530438) $6.99

Published by Sugar and Spice Press – http://www.sugarnspicepress.com and available as ebooks and trade paper.  Also, see the web site:  http://www.dogon-hunter.com

Roz Stevenson
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