*As a party columnist I spend evenings running around to a variety of parties, charities and fundraising events and I come away with good times. What do I learn.?Does it benefit or enhance me educationally in anyway? The answer to that question would be no. However, this was NOT the case at the African  American Scholarship Pageant held at the luxurious Sheraton Universal where brains reigned over beauty. Although I must admit the Little Miss African American Pageant contestants are some of the most beautiful and cutest little young ladies  you will ever want to see.

This year’s event focused on goddesses and queens and it was beautiful to see all the children come to the stage dressed like the icon they were honoring. There was the Queen of Zulu Land and Makeda and yes, even a Cleopatra  who was added as a late entry because of  her questionable lineage (was she Black or Greek or otherwise). I don’t think any of my readers doubt that she was definitely a woman of color and yes African. After all Egypt is in Africa!!!

So what did I learn?

“We are all queens. Walk in the direction of your calling.” “Be the griot of your family.” “Africa is the heart that beats in all of us.” “Our royalty is true and it beats in our hearts.” And so on.

This was the 17th year that Lisa Ruffin produced this event and it was magnificent as always. The young ladies took the stage which was dressed with an abundant of sunflower arrangements and the backdrop displayed a painting of two Nubians ladies heads held high, drawn back, in an arch position holding up mother Africa in an orbit of the eternal blue sea. Very beautiful and breathtaking to look, it presented a stage for learning. I was absorbing every wise saying like a student  in a classroom and these young ladies were teaching me!!!

There were many celebrities lending support beginning with the host of 4 years, Miss Claudia Jordan; actress Roz Ryan, Reuben Santiago Hudson, Amber Riley (Glee), Pop/R&B/Hip Hop singer Trueful, stylist  Krystal “Ms. Styles” French, Chandra Wilson Jim Pickens, Robert R’ichard (Meet the Browns), Haitian rapper/humanitarian Won-G and others.

The ballroom was filled with supportive family and friends of the young girls and their cheers could be heard throughout.

Congrats to Lisa Ruffin. You are a great role model for these girls. You are doing a great job.

Thanks to Makeda at Jazzmyne PR for being so gracious, courteous and accomodating to all the press.

Eugenia Wright is a former actress turned syndicated columnnist/publicist. You may write to her at [email protected]