*Kwame Brown and Michael Jordan are together again in a reunion that few expected. Brown signed in with a one-year contract at the veteran minimum that is, with the Jordan owned Charlotte Bobcats.

Mark Bartlestein, Brown’s Chicago-based agent, told ESPN.com that the sides agreed to terms Monday after Brown played the past two seasons for the Detroit Pistons.

Brown will earn $1.3 million next season as a nine-year veteran. He’s averaging 3.3 points a game.

“He really wanted to take the challenge of playing again for Michael and playing for a top coach like Larry Brown,” Bartelstein said. “I think it says a lot about Kwame that he wanted to go to Charlotte. “The last few years have been difficult for him, but I think he’s really excited to go there and try to create a new chapter in his career. He wants this opportunity to go back and prove something.”

Brown was the no.1 pick in 2001, the first high schooler in league history to achieve that goal. Jordan, as president of basketball operations for the Wizards picked him up, but the deal was sour.

Under pressure, Brown folded and didn’t execute his role very well. Understandable if you are a high school kid playing alongside THE legend of basketball. However, Brown is conditioned and is working with a few years on his back. The season has yet to begin.