*When Sports Illustrated asked Lil Wayne to share his predictions on the 2010 US Open, the rapper took time out of his busy prison schedule to send a hand-written letter to the magazine with his response.

“I genuinely appreciate this opportunity to express my love for tennis,” the note humbly begins.

The hip hop artist, who was a frequent guest on ESPN’s “SportCenter” and blogger for the network’s website and ESPN The Magazine before entering New York’s Riker’s Island, writes that he got into tennis after trying to play and finding it “unbelievably difficult.”


Lil Wayne's hand-written letter to ESPN

“I’m a huge [Rafael] Nadal fan,” he writes on SI letterhead. “I’m definitely rooting for him to get the Grand Slam and win the U.S. Open. He’s already become the 2nd youngest player to win 8 major titles before the age of 25. He’s halfway there to Roger’s 16. And even when battling knee tendonitis, he’s still ranked #1. His Wimbledon performance was one of a kind. He simply plays with pure passion and leaves it all out there on the court.”

He cites Nadal’s biggest challengers as Roger Federer, Andy Roddick, Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic.

“Nadal wins it all,” he repeats. As for the women, Lil Wayne says he’s rooting for Kim Clijisters to take the title.

The rapper is currently serving a year-long sentence for gun possession.