*With five months under his belt at Rikers Island for attempted weapons possession, Lil Wayne is still posting letters to his WeezyThanxYou.com blog – the latest giving props to his mom, kids, fans, Young Money crew and recently-incarcerated actress Lindsay Lohan, among others.

“Hey Lindsey, glad it’s over doll. I should have written her huh?” Wayne wrote to the troubled star. “Young Money, you’re the best I ever had. Mother, I love you. Nae, you’re my angel. Lil Tunechi Jr., you’re the man. Lil Kam, you’re the best heartbreaker. Lil Neal, you’re the littler meatball,” he continued, naming all four of his children by their nicknames.

Weezy also asked fans to “Look out for ‘Nino 3,’ and ‘I Am Not A Human Being,” albums, both which he said are “coming soon.”

In addition, Wayne told fans he’s using his time in prison wisely by working out (“I should be a little bulky” he said) and engaging in the game of UNO (“Last night, I kicked **s in UNO!”). Wayne also said, although he’s met “some pretty cool people” on lockdown — he’s learned “plenty already and the best lesson is to not come back.”

He closed the letter with a simple “I love you all!”

Wayne’s written four public letters before this one, the last one titled “As Time Flies.”