*New reports have emerged about the mysterious death of former NBA star, Lorenzen Wright. Authorities are reporting that his ex-wife allegedly saw him leave the last night she saw him with money and a box of drugs.

Sherra Wright said her ex-husband left her home at 10:30 p.m. on July 18 with the drugs, returned a short time later, then left again with an unspecified amount of money, said an affidavit for a search warrant by Memphis police Sgt. W.D. Merritt.

She told police she heard him on the phone, saying he was going to “flip something for $110,000.”

He left his home with someone she could not identify and hours later, a 911 call was made from Wright’s cell phone, with what sounded like gun shots in the background before the call was dropped.

The ball player’s body was found July 28 in the woods near Memphis. He was missing for 10 days. No arrests have been made.

According to the huffingtonpost.com, The affidavit said Sherra Wright gave the statements to police in the Memphis suburb of Collierville, where she lives, on July 27 – five days after the former University of Memphis basketball star’s mother filed a missing person report. Sherra Wright also told police that her ex-husband owned a shotgun that he kept at her home and a handgun he kept inside the family van. A search of the home and the van failed to turn up the weapons, the affidavit said.

Police did find shell casings of different caliber bullets at the scene where Wright was shot, but they could not find Wright’s cell phone. The affidavit said police were going to use documents showing ownership of the two weapons to see if they match the bullet shell casings recovered at the crime scene.

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