*After their split in 2007, the heart of music was broken as it lost the seamless melodies and clever artistry of Floetry. Despite the split, Marsha Ambrosius has been doing her thing, collaborating with several artists over the years. This time she’s going solo … everyone anticipated it would come eventually.

She landed a solo deal with J Records is getting ready to release her album “Late Nights & Early Mornings” Oct. 26.

A sneak preview of her upcoming album is “Hope She Cheats on You.”

“[The song is] the reality of a bad break up,” she said. “We wanna be decent human beings and say the right thing, you know, ‘I wish you well.’ But this is ‘Everything that could go wrong for him I want it to because my ego is bruised and I’m acting out.'”

Beside this new transition in her life, Ambrosius has been picked up for a television campaign on Centric television network. Her interview can be seen here.