*Over the weekend, Mary J. Blige did a Home Shopping Network first. She debuted her one of a kind fragrance, My Life and guess how many she sold? 50,000 bottles. This made the network’s fastest selling and most popular perfume to date, grossing about $2.7 million.

In the past, it was Diddy’s fragrance that held the crown for most sales for his I Am King sent, but this weekend Blige took the thrown. She and the HSN weren’t the only ones to reap benefits from the sale. Blige’s foundation, FFAWN (Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now) was given $1 for every bottle, taking home $50,000.

“Fam!! We did it!! We broke records with My Life fragrance on HSN! And made history once again!!! 50K sold!!!” she tweeted. “Thank you so much!!!!!!! What an amazing support system!!!! You guys are the best!!!!!!… You saved so many lives and dreams tonight with your purchase!!! So many women will be getting the second chance they deserve!!! FFAWN…Thank You HSN for the love and support you showed me and my fam!!!!!! We really appreciate it!!!!!!”