*Mashonda stays in the media, talking about her ex-husband Swizz Beatz and his new wife and kids. While their divorce was finalized in Feb., Mashonda is desires that the producer’s four children will have a relationship, the divorced pair have a three-year-old son together.

“I hope that my son can have a relationship with his sister in Europe and I hope all the children involved will grow together in unity,” she tells Hip-Hop Weekly. “That is very important to me.”

Yes, the child in Europe. Mashonda was shocked after learning Beatz had fathered another child with a Russian woman living in London. The baby girl was born to Jahna Sebastian in May 2008 and Beatz was proved to be the dad in August 2009.

Beatz is also the father of another boy from a previous relationship, Prince Nasir,
who was born in 2000.