*OK, how ’bout some straight up gossip to kick things off this mornin’?

Former Spice Girl, Melanie Brown’s 3-year marriage to Stephen Belafonte may be headed toward divorce-ville, according to British tabloid, The Mirror.

Belafonte allegedly called up a reporter from the publication to discuss his marital woes with Brown saying, “Dude, it’s over. Mel’s coming back to the UK soon – but I won’t be coming with her.”

A close friend of the singer says the two have been playing happy, but things are starting to look questionable.

“Mel’s been talking about getting out. They’re still talking to see if things can be worked out. But she’s making plans to come back to the UK on a more permanent basis. Stephen hasn’t been mentioned as joining her and has been consulting lawyers.”

They did appear quite happy at the pre-Emmy Awards show party and dinner this week. Some are saying this could be a publicity stunt, as the rumors began floating a week before Mel B’s reality show series premiere, ‘Mel B: It’s a Scary World’