*Nelly is Gearing Up to release some more of that St. Louis love with his next upcoming album, “5.0.” He’s teamed up with some of hip-hop’s most eligible producers in the past and is back with Kelly Rowland for a follow up song, “Gone.”

On the album title, “”It’s a lot of things,” he said in an interview. “It’s also my fifth drop date. It’s just the energy of it all. [The Mustang] 5.0 was always one of my dream cars. As soon as I had enough money to buy one of these mothaf—ers, they stopped making these shits.”

Along with his music news, his love life seems to be back in full swing, as he was spotted with old-time lover, Ashanti, at the wedding of T.I. and Tiny.

“5.0” is set to be out November 16.