*And now a  story as told by one Scarlet Henderson (EUR rendition) that shares the account of a young, delusional and disturbed Kat Stacks.

Her journey from abused teen to strangely desperate young mother, wanna be “Super Head” is one to laugh at and at the same time, shake ya head at. Enjoy!

Once upon a time there was a Venezuelan babe called Andrea Herrera who dreamed of acclaim and affluence but alas, poor Andrea had no real talent. Kinda pretty, but not certainly not overwhelmingly beautiful. She just wasn’t it and couldn’t find her path to success.

She looked in Miami, Florida and Brooklyn, New York. It was not there.

Andrea grew despondent, but one day she had an epiphany. She looked down and said, “Lo and behold, I have a vagina and breasts!”

It was not continued afore she accomplished that boys like vaginas that are connected to nasty girls. And so, Andrea renamed herself Kat Stacks and set off with a dream, some breast implants and her vagina.

Life was no chicken brick road. There were lots of monsters and ogres in her path. She says that her life has been tough, nearly causing her to commit suicide. She reportedly had a child during her adolescence by a man whom she says beat her. She claims that she would generally drink, use drugs and cut herself to get her mind off things.

Realizing life wasn’t what she wanted, she took an opportunity to get freaky with rappers. And they had money; lots of money with which she could buy the things she desired. And she had sex; lots of sex (according to her).

Nobody absolutely knows who Kat has sexed up but according to her, she’s had sex with abundant rappers and is not abashed to name names. Because no one actually believes her, she took it a step further and announced some personal phone numbers and other info online. Recently, she filmed a video of cocaine in the allowance of a famous, adolescent rapper.

She has mentioned that abounding rappers are secretly gay and has fabricated all kinds of added allegations. Rumors recently surfaced that child protective services are investigating her and that she has been institutionalized for some mental issues.

The sad thing about this story is that no one really knows and probably doesn’t care who Stacks allowed to crawl up into her vagina. All of the attention she has received in the past year has been nothing but negative. And this kind of negative probably won’t benefit her “career” too much longer. She isn’t too cute and she’s already been invalidated by the industry. Ah, po’ child.

But that’s not the end of the story. Various media outlets have reported that more drama has ensued between her and b-baller Carmello Anthony’s celebrity wife, LaLa Vasquez, via Twitter.

The drama was initiated by of course Stacks when she wrote on the NBA player’s Twitter: “hey @carmeloanthony do you taste like caramel?” From there, a back and forth dispute went on between the poser and the wife.

Anthony also responded, writing: “I got 5k for whoever see @ihatekatstacks and slap the s**t out her pigeon face a**. Real talk. U f**ked with the right one now.”

But by now the conversation has been erased offline.

Stacks final words: “See you in court @CarmeloAnthony”

Someone PLEASE give this girl some attention … medical and psychiatric.