*Recently, the daytime talk program “The View” came in for some harsh attacks from the homosexual and “politically correct” communities. The spark that set-off the denunciations and demands for retractions were statements from guest host D.L. Hughley and regular host Sherri Sheperd.

The two strongly suggested that the reason the HIV/AIDS infection rate was so high among African American females was because Black bisexual men on the “downlow” (hiding their homosexual orientation) were contracting HIV/AIDS from male sex partners and then bringing the infection to their female partners.

Critics charged the suggestion was slanderous of bisexual Black males in addition to being downright “uneducated and unwarranted.” However, of the several critical commentaries I read, none provided facts to support their denunciations of Hughley and Sheperd.

I am a strong believer in the practice of being able to support your views with evidence, especially if those views can impact on the lives of others. Thus, I believe the critics of Hughley and Sheperd did not support their criticism with facts because they could not.

Here is the key fact as we know it. The HIV/AIDS epidemic began in the early 1980s almost exclusively in the white homosexual male community. With this as the point of departure, then how was HIV/AIDS transferred to Black females at a rate so fast that African American women are now around 18 times more likely than white women to be HIV/AIDS infected?

There are only two possibilities: infection via IV drug use or via sex with bisexual men who had contracted the deadly virus from male sex partners and then spread it to their female sex partners. There are no other possible ways of explaining how the disease could have been spread from white gay males to Black heterosexual women.

Straight Black women were not having sex (directly) with gay white males. The spread of HIV/AIDS via IV drug use has been declining since the mid-1990s. The only other conduit for spreading the disease to Black women was and remains via sexual relations with “downlow” bisexual Black males.

One of the critics said the reason HIV/AIDS spread faster among Black females than among white and Hispanic females was because Black women were “having unprotected sex with multiple partners at an alarming rate.” There is not one iota of evidence to support this slanderous, Black-woman-hating argument. If you have actual evidence that Black women have multiple male sex partners at a greater rate than white, Hispanic or Asian-American women, please present it.

Now, I will be the first to admit that despite all the studies, all the essential facts have not yet been discovered. But given what we know as facts today, the most likely reason HIV/AIDS was spread so rapidly among Black females was due to their sexual contact to bisexual Black males. The so-called downlow Black male appears to be the source of the problem. If this observation is wrong, then please tell me how it happened.

Hughley and Sheperd made a reasonable point and they should not apologize unless someone can present “facts” showing that HIV/AIDS spread rapidly to Black females in any other way than as a primary result of sexual contact with bisexual Black males.

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