*CBN.com reports: South Carolina now requires a 24-hour waiting period before an abortion, thanks to a new law signed Wednesday by the governor.

Gov. Mark Sanford signed the measure over the objections of critics who say it will burden women.

“Our founding fathers gave us life, liberty. and the pursuit of happiness,” Sanford told the Spartan Herald Journal. “The most fundamental is life because without it you can’t have the other two.”

Sanford and advocates from South Carolina’s pro-life community said it will give pregnant women time to talk, get counseling, and consider alternatives.

“It’s wonderful for women because it gives them time to reflect, to really think, and make a good decision,” Alexa Newman, executive director of Carolina Pregnancy Center, said.

“A lot of girls don’t feel like they’re going to have any type of support, and this gives them 24 hours to talk to family and friends and just get information on what they’re about to do,” Newman added.

Pro-life advocates said the law means there will be fewer abortions in South Carolina.