*Sarah Palin sent out tweets of support for Dr. Laura Schlessinger Wednesday night in the wake of her controversial use of the N-word on her radio show — 11 times in 5 minutes, to be exact.

The former governor of Alaska and 2008 Republican nominee for vice president took to her Twitter page to share this bit of advice with Dr. Laura: “don’t retreat…reload!”

Schlessinger, who currently has the largest audience of any woman in syndicated talk radio, acknowledged her mistake and announced that she would end her radio show once her contract expires later this year.

Palin initially protested, firing off the below tweets Wednesday night:

That was immediately followed by…

*Below is just one of many angry responses to Palin’s tweets — as well as Palin’s (and Dr. Laura’s) gross misunderstanding of first amendment rights.

From Huffington Post:

Joan Walsh, writing on Salon, pointed out that Palin was tweeting about feminists just hours before “embracing the anti-feminist traditional-values preacher Dr. Laura.” (Incidentally, Dr. Laura was never a big fan of Palin.) Walsh then went after the sentiment and historical context of Palin’s latest comments:

It’s scary to think we just had a vice presidential nominee who doesn’t understand the Constitution, who thinks Schlessinger’s First Amendment rights “ceased 2exist” because she was criticized for haranguing a black woman who called for advice, using the word “nigger” 11 times. Again, Gov. Palin, the First Amendment protects us from government infringing on our speech rights; it doesn’t take away other Americans’ right to criticize.