*T.I. has something new up his sleeve. He’s producing a new animated series called, “Lil’ Homies.” He’s been making his return to the music industry with his latest album “King Uncaged” and his debut, post-prison performance in New York City earlier this week, and let’s not forget his star appearance on big screen film, “Takers.”

Now he’s getting ready to star in a cartoon series. He announced the new project on a radio morning show with Angela Yee.

“I’m actually working on a TV show as a producer as well as a cartoon,” T.I. explained to listeners on Shade 45. “It’s called ‘Lil’ Homies.’ I don’t know [what network it’s gonna be on]. I may do voiceover like a narrator.”

“I feel it wouldn’t be fair to the film or the album if I was splitting my attention span amongst the two,” Tip continued, “so I hit pause on the album to completely focus my attention to rolling out this here film.” ‘Takers’ hits theaters Aug. 27.