*Guess whose collaborating? Tank and Drake. Earlier this month, the rookie emcee announced his plans for an upcoming mixtape.

“He actually asked me to do something for his R&B [mixtape],” veteran singer told TheBoomBox. “That’s gonna work out super great.”

Tank is also doing his thing, promoting his next album, “Now or Never.” He’s glad to see Drake doing an R&B themed mixtape.

“I can’t hate on that at all,” he admits. “That’s gonna be awesome to hear his melodies and his vocals over that R&B thing. When you hear my album, I think you’re gonna hear a lot of the same kind of character in what he’s probably gonna put together for his, in making it current and making it sound great but also giving you the passion and the melodies and the things that make you feel music.”

Not that Drake has lost his hip-hop savor; he will be sure to incorporate his native flavors in the album.

“Drake is an anomaly; he’s a hybrid,” states Tank. “You can probably count on one hand, maybe only two fingers, the amount of Drakes that exist where he’s able to sing and rap and do it well.”

Tank’s fourth project will be released on Sept. 21.