*Seafood from the Gulf of Mexico is perfectly clean-just as immaculate as seafood from the Atlantic Ocean-according to independent lab tests commissioned by The Daily Beast.

Red grouper, jumbo shrimp, and crabmeat were checked for both oil and chemical dispersants, and either undetectable or incredibly minute (well below everyday federal thresholds) levels were found.

The findings are a bit of vindication for the Food and Drug Administration and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which are overseeing the food part of the oil spill disaster.

The agencies have done extensive testing, yet American customers are still wary of seafood from Gulf waters:

54 percent of Americans are not confident that it’s safe to eat. That’s a huge hardship on the Gulf economy.

Says one third-generation shrimper, “If we can’t build the confidence back into the consumer, we are done.”

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