*Journalist, Activist, Author Midge Decter asserts that the Radical Feminist is disoriented by freedom of choice.

And she is. Just like many of today’s women who may not even refer to themselves as feminists. These are women who live in a bizarre world where they don’t need men, but still make demands of men, where they view traditional female roles as oppressive, but still embrace being paid for on dates and where they have now raised nearly two generations of boys who never became men and girls who tried to become boys, yet they blame everything on the fathers they chose who were absent.

The conundrum of blame and disorientation can be found in statements that detail how far ahead Black women are than Black men, juxtaposed to the statements of how Black men are oppressing Black women.

Essentially, such silly statements dictate that Black men have focused on holding their women down, instead of progressing. It also dictates that Black women have become more powerful than Black men but are too stupid or too weak to keep from being held down by these lazy, weak people.

When we hear the statements of job parity or equal access in society, Black men recognize and respect the struggle of Blacks who are women, because we still face some of those same issues as Blacks who are men.

In short, there is confusion in the air, because the Black women who love to blame men, do so without conversation or balance.

So then what is it that the Black Feminist or feminist influenced woman wants?

The Radical Feminist slogan should go something like this:  “What do we want? We don’t know!  When do we want it?  Now!”

And, how could a woman’s movement work within any race when it must move ahead without its male counterparts?

In order for Black women to embrace feminism, they had to first embrace the notion that the men in their own race were their enemies.

This explains why the first response to my writing is that I must hate Black women.  Its clear that I don’t, but it makes the disoriented feminist believe that there is something to rage against and gives her the permission (in her own mind) to avoid discussing anything based on research, statistics and/or reality, as opposed to insulting me.

Decter makes a profound point about the disorientation, illustrating that a woman who formerly had a constricted range of choices “must now decide everything essential to her.” Whether to be serious about a career, whether to marry, whether to divorce, whether to bear children.  Everything is in her hands “to a degree possibly unprecedented in the history of mankind, a degree experienced by her as bordering on the intolerable.” The responsibility is too much, the choices too many.

And, those who blame men even blame men for the choices they make without the influence of men.

For example, an “Independent Woman” is free from depending on men for anything, because she is doing it all on her own.  She doesn’t need a man for anything, and according to many of these “evolved” creatures, a man would only hold them down.

Then why is it that those same women talk about how horrible men are for not giving them what they want?

The simple truth is that feminism should have stopped raging against a machine that began to work for them.  But since it didn’t stop raging, it began raging out of control.

Really, what is there to rage against since women are ahead of men in many arenas?

Decter’s point becomes clear when those of us who refuse to indict Black men as the Black woman’s oppressor/enemy recognize that feminism’s politics lead women to hold the burden for making all of the decisions in their lives.

And they must make these decisions alone.

Previously, when women were still “oppressed,” they were “forced” to make choices of career, children and marriage based on what men thought, specifically the men in their lives.

Currently they have the “freedom” to make whatever choices uninhibited by man’s oppression. Yet, curiously, any dissatisfaction is still the fault of man.

Some women are admitting that it’s hard to make decisions for everything alone, yet other women are still making choices that will lead them to living alone, including choice of men and choice of politics.

Women have been raising boys alone, yet they have been unable to raise them to be what they need, because according to the same radical feminists, men are getting weaker while women are getting stronger.

Let me pose a question to Radical Feminatzis that I already know won’t be answered:  Aside from the fact that you think I hate women and you think I am blaming the victim, what other reasons can you point to for the diminishing of men over time?

Let’s spell out some of the contradictions in the Radical Feminatzi’s messages:

Men are now weaker and women are stronger, YET men are still oppressing these strong creatures.

Men are intimidated by strong women, YET strong single mothers have raised them.

Women are so evolved that they are no longer victims, YET if we discuss any of their failings, we are “blaming the victim.”

Women are excelling beyond belief, YET men are still holding them back.

I’ve heard some psychotic Feminatzis claim that women had worked out all of their issues and that the only problems left belong to men.  That is insane and contradictory to human nature as we know it.

So, am I suggesting that women need to be lead by men?  Not at all.

But what I am suggesting is that if women aren’t going to lead the entire race as Bill Cosby suggests, then they had better begin to find ways to work with us.

Otherwise, we are all doomed.

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