Darryl James

*In my opinion, feminism is beginning to look like labor unions.

At the opening of the 20th century, unions were necessary to mitigate child labor, abuse in the workplace and to bring in uniform work hours and safe working conditions.

While some of those issues remain in minor cases, unions are still top-heavy, but really becoming purposeless and toothless.  Much of what the unions raged against was set right by legislation.

There were real issues that feminism faced for a long time—discrimination in the workplace against women, lower pay for equal work to men, etc.

However, while some of those issues may remain in minor cases—according to the feminists themselves—there are now laws in place which have allowed women to make unprecedented gains.

Yet, there is still rage against a machine that has begun to work in their favor.

Feminism made great gains in forcing all of us to re-think our views on the genders, yet, after re-making the image of femaleness, feminism failed to bring anything concrete into the fray.

This explains why so-called evolved “Independent Women” still want men to pay their way.

It also explains why so many women have divorced themselves from traditional femininity, yet still want men to treat them as gentle, delicate creatures.

Feminist propaganda fails to provide any enlightenment, because its goals are conflicted with the desires of many women at their very core.

But here is some basic information that can prove to be quite useful for women who still want traditional relationships with men:

Don’t wear skimpy clothing that calls attention to all of your goodies while still demanding to be treated like a lady.

You may have the right to be in certain places, but that doesn’t mean it’s smart.  Just because you like sports, why would you want to be the only woman in a crowded place where men are drinking and cursing and then expect them to be less boisterous because you are there?

No matter how cute some of your girls may think it is, toying with the emotions of men is not smart.

While some men are cool with having women hang around every man activity, there are still some areas where men will be men and women may not need to be there. Sometimes, it’s cool to hang with the girls.

Here’s a big one: Women should still be gracious when a man is a gentleman.  We’ve seen too many of you get upset when we hold doors.

And, finally: Anyone with a decent mother in a household where there was a mother and a father or someone who has studied history knows that women have historically held the standard for morality and decency. If you are the primary caregiver to children, remember that they are always watching.

The bottom line is that feminist propaganda is confusing and conflicted. Hell, young women are probably the most confused, which is why they are beginning to reject the silly pursuits of their older counterparts who are lonely and bitter, claiming to be “free” from that which eludes them.

A New York tracking firm studied 3,000 women between the ages of 18 and 34. More than two out of three of them preferred to stay at home full time rather than stay in the workplace. Cosmopolitan magazine studied 800 women and got the same result: a strong majority of women want a full-time life at home with a husband and children.

Ladies, if you desire, find and seek to hold on to a traditional relationship and marriage, say so. And then tell any woman who berates you for it to shut her lonely ass up and play with her cats.

Really, they are jealous of you, but can’t get what you have.

Feminist propaganda told women that a career was more important than family, but today, many women have found the truth the hard way.

You’ve come a long way, baby.

Perhaps too far.

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