*It seemed like only yesterday when Shaquille O’Neal was the most dominante player in the NBA.  

But now, after 4 rings, the Diesel is only a shell of his former self.  The part about it is he seems to be OK with that.

After two unimpressive stints in Pheonix and Cleveland, respectively, O’Neal is reportedly ready to sign on with the Boston Celtics as some need muscle off the bench. And while his cat quick reflexes and otherworldy explosiveness are a thing of the past, Shaq can still cause opposing centers to rack up fouls.  

If Shaq is cool coming off the bench, and it appears as though he is, then this is not a bad move.  

Times have certainly changed.  Never has a former Laker of his caliber been a Celtic. If so then that’s news to us. Can you imagine Bird in a Lakers uniform?  

Lakers Fans have just found ANOTHER reason to hate Boston. And we won’t even say what they’re thinking about O’Neal now.