Glenn Beck

*The Reverend Al Sharpton was right when he thundered at his Reclaim the Dream rally that he had the message but talk show exhibitionist Glenn Beck had the mall.

The Mall of course was the Lincoln Mall. But Beck owns more than the Mall. He now speaks for the majority of whites in America.

White voters made up nearly 80 percent of the 2006 midterm electorate and nearly 75 percent of the 2008 vote. The trends show that white voters vote in even greater numbers than blacks, Hispanics, and Asian voters in midterm elections.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Despite the PT Barnum, con man hype, Beck speaks to the majority’s unvarnished hostility to liberal Democrats, big government, the elites, Wall Street, abortion, gay rights, taxes, and obtrusive government, and most of all President Obama’s policies, and him. Beck and Palin have masterfully stoked white disaffection with Obama. A July Washington Post/ABC News poll found that a bare 40 percent of whites approve of the job he’s doing. This was the lowest rating among this crucial voter demographic since the start of his presidency.

There was more bad news. In rapid succession, forty-three percent of white voters strongly disapprove of the job Obama is doing, while less than 20 percent strongly approved. More than half of college-educated whites disapproved of the job he is doing, and, among white college-educated women, Obama’s approval numbers dipped below 50 percent for the first time in his presidency.

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