Morris O'Kelly

*Hip hop artist and CEO of Cash Money Records, Birdman has been criticized in recent days for what some see as promulgating the negative stereotypes commonly associated with the Hip Hop genre generally and rap music specifically.

His recent purchase and promotion of a 2.1 million dollar car has been met with a hefty bit of support from his fans, but an equal amount skepticism from others.

Today in The Mo’Kelly Report we’ve taken a conversation which has lit up the Black blogosphere, barber shops and beauty shops and brought it to the forefront.

It makes some wonder about the supposed upside of any 2.1 million dollar depreciating asset that likely can not be re-sold.  It makes some wonder in the discussion of stereotypes, why hasn’t the African-American community been more vocal in regards to this and other similar types of behavior.

But for this particular discussion in The Mo’Kelly Report, it’s not about the politicians or pundits, it’s about the people, real people.  And so Mo’Kelly was joined by three of his “peeps.”

First, there’s William Demps, an old Georgetown University college classmate says for the most part, the Brotha can spend his money how he chooses, who are we to judge and he joined us on the phone from Philadelphia.

Mo’Kelly was also joined by Ms. Wendy Kelley, a 38-year-old divorcee and mother of 3 three boys and she believes the actions of Birdman and others like him negatively influence her boys and impacts her ability to keep them grounded.

And speaking of her boys…her youngest son, 10-year-old Myles also joined in the conversation to give his thoughts on these issues and be ready, Myles was more than ready to hold his own.

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