*Picture this: beer bottles and patio furniture thrown at police; people thrown through windows; vendor booths set on fire and destroyed: If you’re thinking “public disturbance” as in some kind of riot, you’d be right.

However, there’s one, er, make that three … elements missing. That would be Earth Wind & Fire. Huh?

Nope, it’s not what one would expect as the after effect of one of our favorite and enduring band’s concert.

But that’s what happened in the wake of their concert in Ft. Collins, Colorado for the annual Bohemian Nights last Saturday night. After their show, 400 people remained in the area. Three fights broke out around 1am, and before you knew it, things escalated into a full-fledged riot.

Police eventually broke up the crowd with tear gas, the Coloradoan reports. Citations were given, and 14 people were treated for minor injuries. There’s no word on what provoked the crowd go nu8ts, but certainly couldn’t have been EWF’s super jammin’ music, could it?

Here’s some footage of the madness: