*Billboard.com sat down with a blonde, mohawked Erykah Badu backstage at Lollapalooza over the weekend to talk about her new jewelry line, a career-spanning Badu documentary, performing at Lolla, the importance of Twitter, the reaction to her controversial “Window Seat” video, and more.

“It was a shocking thing that I did to create a dialogue about something that meant a lot to me – groupthink,” Badu says of the world’s reaction to the recent clip for “Window Seat” which featured Badu stripping down to nothing before being “assassinated” in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza where John F. Kennedy was shot.

“Generally, after you shed all the things that you have learned or that people tell you are real or that people tell you you are, you’re nude and vulnerable for assassination, and that’s what the video was about. You don’t have to agree with it… As a performance artist I like to create dialogue about the art… It’s very important for me to use the platform to be honest and creative at the same time.”

To that end, she r eleased a new clip just yesterday (Aug. 9) for “Window Seat (Remix) Turn Me Away (Get MuNNY),” that includes Rick Ross and features her fully clothed. [Watch video below the interview.]