Harmony Bailey

*Lee Bailey here and I gotta tell ya I am so proud of my God-niece, Harmony Love Bailey, the daughter of my buddy, entertainment photographer Hiltron Bailey and his wife Elizabeth.

Baby girl is obviously a chip off the block, so to speak, of her “Unka Lee” and daddy Hiltron in that she’s a natural as a journalist. Harmony had no problem sticking a mic in the face of Denzel’s better half, Pauletta Washington, Niecy Nash, Laila Ali, Shaun Robinson and other notable ladies.

The scene was the first annual “I Am Perfect – Exactly As I Am” event last Friday (08-06-10) at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills.

To each interviewee, 5 year-old Harmony – who’s a contestant in the up-coming Little Miss African American Pageant,” at the Universal Sheraton on Aug. 21, – posed this intriguing question: “What advice do you have for young girls?” Watch for some very interesting responses: