*As Montana Fishburne continues working the media circuit to promote her porn debut, she tells E! Online that she and her famous father, actor Laurence Fishburne, are currently not speaking.

Her last conversation with him was the morning of his birthday, July 30, as it was later that day that word of her headline-grabbing career change made the rounds. When asked if they’d spoken since, she demurred.

“Not right about this situation, ’cause he doesn’t want it all out there,” she told E! News in her exclusive sitdown airing tonight. “I’ve had communication with him, but not about the tape.”

As that communication has mostly taken the form of unanswered emails, she is more than aware of the effect her decision is having on him, admitting that “he might be mad, he might be hurt.”

“For him, it’s his reputation, because we are linked together…I understand that,” she said. “It’s hard for any dad to see their daughter on tape like that. I understand, but at the same time I want him to understand that this is my dream.”

“I definitely think we’ll get through this,” she continued. “I don’t want to just do porn and even if I did just want to do porn, he’s not going to stop loving me or stop talking to me just because this is what my job is. He’s upset right now.

“After all the media attention subsides about the release of it, he’ll want to talk and it’ll be back to normal.”

Montana has said that her mother, Hajna Moss Fishburne, a fitness professional and a Reebok University Master trainer, is also against her decision to launch a porn career, but has decided to offer unconditional support in whatever profession her daughter chooses.

“I have a really good relationship with my mom,” she said. “She just wanted to make sure I thought about the decision before I made it.”

Montana also set the record straight on a number of rumors that have sprouted since news of her adult film debut with Vivid Entertainment broke last month.

She claims she is not rebelling against her father. She had a “fairytale childhood,” not a troubled one. She did not start a Twitter war airing the supposed dark side of Jamie Foxx. She was not arrested for prostitution. And Kim Kardashian is in no way her career role model.

And the 18-year-old Montana, whose parents only found out about her X-rated career choice once the Vivid press release was sent, said that she doesn’t intend to remain in porn her whole life.

“I definitely want to have my own business, that’s definitely what I’m about. The entertainment industry is fun and I like it, but in the long term, I want to have some kind of business, whether it’s in entertainment or outside,” she said. “I definitely want to have some kind of empire.”

An empire like Kim Kardashian?

“Everyone’s like, ‘Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashian.’ No. That is not whose career I want to emulate. I would say [porn star turned ‘Entourage’ actress] Sasha Grey.”

Montana also took time out to clarify her position on a certain Oscar winner she has tremendous respect for.

“Apparently I’ve been saying some things about Jamie Foxx, and that is not my Twitter,” she clarified. “It’s a fake account saying these things.”

As previously reported, repetitive tweets that claim to have intimate knowledge of the Foxx videotaping himself with another man were sent under the fake Twitter account.

“I took no part in that,” she went on. “I have a lot of respect for him and that wasn’t me.”

She also took time to clear the air about her alleged arrest for prostitution, claiming the arresting officer made a mistake on the first batch of paperwork, but that it was quickly fixed to reflect her real offense: trespassing. The documents making the rounds, she claims, are the first botched reports.

While Montana has yet to sign on for a follow-up to her porn debut, she said that she is currently in talks with Vivid over the possibility of another project and says that, whatever happens in the future, she will never regret her decision.

“I feel confident. I say I’m not going to regret it, because I’m on a path now. I’ve made the decision and now I’m on a path. If it leads me somewhere, I don’t look at anything as bad. Wherever it takes me, I’m gonna make a positive out of it.

“The only thing I wish I could take away is the pain that it will give my family. I wish it didn’t hurt them, but besides that, I’m thrilled.”

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