*NBA star-turned-actor Rick Fox has revealed that he and his girlfriend, actress Eliza Dushku, are about to shack up…officially.

“I’m moving out of my place. We live together in the [Hollywood] Hills,” Fox told E! News at InStyle’s Summer Soiree over the weekend.

Asked how it’s going so far, Eliza dished, “It’s good, better than good.”

“The dogs haven’t peed on me yet!” Rick joked.

Eliza even helped put together her man’s outfit for the InStyle party when he was about to leave in a questionable ensemble.

“I realized we made an error when my dear came down the stairs in a real clashy outfit, two toned shoes, green shirt,” said Dushku. “I have never redressed someone in my life and if it was a year ago…but it’s at that point where I’m like, ‘Yeah, we got to go upstairs and change.'”

As for who’s in charge in the kitchen, the actress admits she can’t cook. “I have one staple…French toast!” Fox adds.

And while there are no wedding bells ringing for this twosome, it seems Dushku is already fitting in with his family.

“I took Rick and the kids camping a few times,” she said of their recent summer trips. “Yeah, we did family this summer,” Fox added.