*”Things got very heated on the air and backstage,” Whoopi Goldberg told the audience Thursday morning in a talk about the “heated exchange” she had with “Real Housewives of DC” cast member and alleged White House crasher Michaele Salahi.

As previously reported, the whole thing started after Salahi’s Wednesday appearance, when Whoopi Goldberg came from backstage and touched the socialite’s shoulder in an attempt to get her attention.

“I come out [on set] sometimes just ‘cause I wanna. That’s the way I do it here,” Whoopi explained Thursday.

After touching her shoulder, Whoopi asked her if she could move from the current discussion to the topic of her antics at the White House state dinner.

“Oh, if you’d like us to, we can,” Michaele replied as Goldberg walked away. After the show, a sobbing Michaele said she felt attacked.

Tempers flared after Goldberg caught wind of the claim and approached the reality star couple backstage.

“Michaele was very upset about what was said about her on the air,” Whoopi said Thursday. “She thought I hit her. I went up to her and told her that she knew I didn’t hit her.”

Goldberg said she unleashed some “choice words” at the couple that were “so choice you could have taken them with a knife and eaten them.” She added that she became more irate after Michaele’s husband, Tareq, took out his cell phone during the argument and began snapping photos of the angered host.

“I make no apology for my choice words,” the host said.

“As the broadcast clearly shows, the accusation was completely unfounded,” a “View” spokeswoman said. “After being told she was being accused of hitting Ms. Salahi, Whoopi proceeded to defend herself verbally.”