Harmony and Chante Moore

*Five-year-old Harmony Love Bailey continues to make her Unka Lee and parents Hiltron and Elisabeth very proud. Check out the video below and you’ll immediately see why.

Baby girl had ’em on their feet, cheering and clapping for her at the recent Little Miss African American Pageant held at the Universal Sheraton hotel in I Universal City, California.

Harmony garnered the most votes but, unfortunately, couldn’t take home the winning trophy because she’s only 5 and the crown can only go to ages 6-12. Because of her extraordinary talent that she displayed at an audition, she was allowed to participate for the experience.


Needless to say, we can’t wait for next year to get here. As it is, Harmony was given The Symphonee Ryoko Davis Award in honor of the first winner of the award 17 years ago.

Harmony and Claudia Jordan

Meanwhile, besides Unka Lee, her fan base of celebs continues to grow. As you can see from the photos above , singer Chante Moore and model/actress Claudia Jordan are showing love to Little Miss Love because they think she’s destined to be a star, too.

Bonus: Harmony interviews Mr. Lou Gossett Jr.: