*When it comes to South Carolina Democratic Senatorial candidate Alvin Greene it’s almost impossible not to mutter to yourself, “how in da hey-all did he do it?”

Seriously, he just doesn’t come off as being the sharpest knife on the shelf. But hey, he’s in the race and his opponent is incumbent Republican Senator Jim Dement who’s probably thanking the Lord every day for Greene.

And as a novice politician Greene doesn’t disappoint. The latest evidence is his amateur hour attack ad against Dement that looks and sounds like it was put together by him and some interns.

Now if you’re wondering if Greene really does have a realistic chance against Dement, the answer is a big hell to the naw!

In a recent Rasmussen poll, Senator DeMint has a 62% to 20% lead over Greene.

More than half of South Carolina voters surveyed – 51% – says they have a very unfavorable opinion of Greene. Just four percent of those surveyed have a very favorable opinion of Greene.

Greene is struggling for support from his own party with just 46% of Democrats saying they support him. Just 51% of African-American voters support Greene with 32% saying they are undecided.

DeMint continues to rate well with Republicans (96%) and with 70% support from independent voters compared to 14% for Greene.