*So Wesley Snipes said he ain’t going to jail for owing Uncle Sam a dime. He believes he wasn’t given a fair trial and is now filing new documents requesting a new one.

The actor was originally sentenced to serve three years in prison, but he said that something wasn’t right about his trial. He said there was some “jury misconduct” going down and supposedly has the emails to prove it.

TMZ reported that the documents Snipes has unveiled show that an email conversation between jurors declared him guilty before the trial even began.

According to the celebrity news site, Snipes says the government failed to disclose that the key witness against him — his former accountant Kenneth Starr — was actually under investigation for engaging in “criminal activities of conspiring to evade income taxes” with another client.

So, now he is recollecting himself and possibly preparing for a new trial.

All we can say is good luck.