Wyclef Jean posted this photo on his Twitter account of him shaking hands with Haiti's President Rene Preval hours after their Aug. 29 meeting

*Wyclef Jean met with Haitian President Rene Preval for more than two hours on Thursday, touching off a new round of speculation as to whether the singer will be allowed to run for president in the Nov. 28 elections, reports the Associated Press.

Jean said he felt the pow-wow was positive.

“I feel good,” the rapper and former Fugees member said. “I feel that the president that I voted for five years ago is the same person that was sitting in front of me today.”

He said he was hopeful that an electoral council weighing his candidacy will rule that he can run.

“It looks like it’s leaning that way,” he said.

Several hours after the meeting, Jean posted a photo on his Twitter account of him shaking hands with Preval, who is not allowed to run for re-election.

Earlier in the week, Jean said he had received death threats. Jean said Preval expressed concern and offered him security.

The singer and several dozen other presidential hopefuls are scheduled to find out today if the country’s electoral council allows them to run for office.