Service to others is in the big picture, not slavery, but a sincere attempt to see the view from over your fence. By the time the 8th rolls through, you will have a clearer picture of how the public views you, a day when lovely Venus allows your sensual self to “rise.” From that day forth, especially on the 11th, it will be revealed that you are more of a sexy beast than even you realized.

Your popularity gets a boost when heavenly aspects begin a cycle of public awareness of who you really are. Generosity is your hallmark, and you find the time to graciously give of yourself, most notably on the 8th, but culminating on the 11th when Venus joins the Moon in Scorpio. You are able to penetrate the walls that held you back, and more importantly, win over whoever is the object of your (strong) desires.

Hold your tongue on the 7th, when the Moon bumps into retrograde Mercury (your ruling planet). Go over matters, especially at home, that call for flexibility on your part – quite easy for the malleable Gemini. However, you will have to stand your ground on the 11th, but will be absolved of any perceived wrongdoing when the truth comes out on the 12th when Mercury returns to its proper orbital path.

Communicate your love of others on the 8th, as aspects put you on track toward inner goals you have set. A steady pace picks up a full head of steam when your words carry more precise weight that day. On the 9th, when you will find that home matters need your undivided attention. Being scattered is not an option, as you will experience shaky situations that may be blown way out of proportion.

Money matters come to a head on the 8th, but you will have to explain yourself the following day in a lightning-like fashion, when a matter that has been boiling underground erupts. It may be a big thing, but you will experience a very, very wide audience to air a grievance. Expect your home life to be pleasant on the 11th, a needed respite to recover from all that attention.

Circle the 8th as a day when you truly transform yourself and bring out the very essence that makes Virgo one of the most beloved signs in the zodiac. Your willingness to sacrifice yourself for the greater good finally gains recognition.  Expect a monetary shake-up on the 9th of a magnitude you just were not expecting. Be aware of a sudden financial burden that may call for a trip soon.

You know that you should not try to be the focal point, but astrological aspects are in your favor to stand in the spotlight, whether you like it or not. Brace yourself for an inner transformation when the Moon enters your sign on the 9th, adding tension to an already hectic schedule. But you will feel a bit steadier on the 11th. By the 13th, you will be able to talk your way out of a sticky situation with ease.

Hopes and wishes are granted on the 8th, and you are truly the center of attention from the 9th through the 12th. Don’t you just love that! You will even more as Venus enters Scorpio, making you that much more desirable and needed. Powerful vibes are making you the sexy beast, so don’t hold back on spelling out exactly what you want – and you will get your way without appearing to be a bully.

The innate skills you possess in assessing a subject and painting a broad variety of solutions comes into play this entire forecast period. You will have a project dropped into your lap on the 8th, which you will gladly accept, thus providing guidance to those that may be baffled. Clear focus is guaranteed, and you will reap the rewards on the 13th, when the Moon enters your sign, highlighting your prodigious skills – again!

Travel is in the forecast for the Goat. Just make sure you walk steadily over the rocky terrain that could crumble and send you into an abyss of misguidance. A career change looks to be on the horizon, and you will find out just how serious that move is on the 9th, a day that literally seethes with tension.  Hold off on saying what needs to be said, and unleash your fury on the 11th, when your words don’t carry a sting.

Are you having trouble at the job? You are thrust into a situation that calls for a quick and out-the-box examination, which comes to a head on the 8th from a most unexpected source. A simple solution pops up on the 11th, but not to worry: by the 13th, you will have an answer that neatly ties up that trouble I mentioned earlier. The 9th is an interesting day. Just don’t lose your temper.

You are in the public eye on the New Moon 8th, as critical thinking tempts you to try to solve everybody’s problems in a day. Instead, understand that you simply need to be yourself in order to be accepted as a doer rather than a thinker. You may feel the need to get away, but a huge event on the 9th keeps you grounded. Money matters are exposed on that day. Good or bad, you will be held captive by your finances.

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY: Ludacris – Born September 11, 1977

Born with the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in showy Leo, rapper Ludacris, aka Christopher Brian Bridges, is a curious combination of a personality that craves the spotlight (Leo), yet has a propensity to serve his fellow human being.

His brassy, in-your-face approach stems from a solid Sun aspect to a Jupiter/Mars conjunction in watery Cancer, thus supplying his earthy Virgo with plenty of material to feed his story lines. This aspect also supplies Ludacris with an enormous amount of energy.

Add another Water sign aspect – Uranus (the planet that rules higher communication) in yet another Water sign, Scorpio – and one will find that radio simply loves his unique way with words. Thus, Ludacris quite understands where he is at all times, and is able to tap a gusher of ideas into both words and into acting.

Mercury, the planet that governs how one thinks, and is in its ruling sign of Virgo, joins the Sun, making Ludacris a strong thinker, one able to perfect a way with words and imagery to razor sharpness. Venus and Saturn join the Moon in Leo. This tends to dampen emotions, and often makes his love interest seem as if the subject is under a microscope. This is a classic control aspect, one that rarely allows others to penetrate his inner kingdom easily. Yet, Neptune in Sagittarius (another Fire sign) aspects those three planets beautifully, and ensures that his creative well will never run dry.