*In the wake of the sensational breaking news concerning allegations of sexual misconduct by Bishop Eddie Long with young male members of his church, pastor and author Michael A. Stevens, Sr., once again is being asked to comment on ministers in the closet … commonly now known as the down-low.

Stevens, author of “Straight Up: The Church’s Official Response to the Epidemic of Down-Low Living” has this to say about this latest church-based, same-sex scandal:

“Clearly, these are allegations and there is a presumption of innocence for Bishop Long, but once again, the Black Church suffers. Look, my motivation is simple, my ambition is to protect the integrity of the Black Church and the Black Pastor and if that makes some people uncomfortable when I expose some of the goings on behind the pulpit, so be it.

“The actions involved in these allegations are an unfortunate and unnatural phenomenon that is being exacerbated and perpetuated in the culture of the Black Church. And often times it is under the guise of spiritual fathers and spiritual sons. My second book, ‘Restoring the Order of Spiritual Fathers and Sons: The Path to Success in Life, Leadership and Ministry,’ attempts to restore the biblical relationship between spiritual fathers and spiritual sons that God intended. I will continue to write and lecture about these issues because they must continue to be addressed.”

Michael A. Stevens, Sr. is the Senior Pastor of University City Church of God in Christ in Charlotte, North Carolina.

He seeks to confront the hidden sin in the church. Stevens and his wife Sharon, have three children and live in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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