*Tuesday night on the PBS talk/interview show “Tavis Smiley,” John Boyd Jr., the founder and president of the National Black Farmers Association, appeared to discuss the failure of the Senate to approve a 1.5 billion dollar settlement to black farmers.

Earlier this year, the Obama Administration reached a deal to compensate them for decades of discrimination with the hope that the money would be a much needed-boost for struggling farmers. However, as of today, Congress has repeatedly failed to vote on final approval of the measure.

When asked if they have contacted the Administration, Boyd had this to say:

“We’ve lobbied Congress to re-open the case successfully, we’ve done everything and we should not be asked to wait another day longer. The Senate needs to act and the Administration needs to lean just a little bit harder on the Senate to get a good clean bill out of the Senate for black farmers and not put us in bills where they know there is not a snow ball chance in us actually getting something done.”

Watch a clip from the show:

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