Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory on election night

*The 2010 National Conference of Black Mayors Convention, scheduled to take place in Cincinnati  has been canceled, Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory said yesterday. The cancellation comes after news Mallory got from the group’s president Mayor Robert Bowser of East Orange, New Jersey that there weren’t enough people registered for the convention.

The annual gathering was originally planned for May to conjoin with Major League Baseball’s Civil Rights Game weekend in Cincinnati. The convention was rescheduled then because the African American leaders had to take care of their city’s budget problems and expenses became out of reach. The delay was meant to give members time to raise funds for the convention’s budget and bus rides.

Organizers of the event said they expected to bring 700 people to the Hyatt Regency hotel downtown and have an economic impact of $350,000 towards the city. Sessions within the convention planned on covering health care reform, education, ethics and housing. Panelists included federal government officials, academicians and public policy advocates.

The National Conference of Black Mayors consists of 650 mayors, with about half of them from municipalities of 5,000 people or fewer. The annual convention is attended by mayors and other policy makers who attend a series of working sessions.