*Reggie Bush is on the verge of losing the highest honors a college athlete can receive. He would not comment, however on the details of the issue.

“At this point, it’s kind of out of my hands,” Bush said Wednesday after practice with the New Orleans Saints. The former Trojan said he could not confirm or deny whether or not he has talked to anyone with the Heisman Trust.

On Tuesday, trust executive director Robert Whalen told The Associated Press that there has been no decision on the status of Bush’s Heisman. The NCAA found major violations in USC’s football program and levied serious sanctions against the school in June, including the loss of scholarships and a two-year bowl ban.

Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young was second on the ballot to receive the Heisman in 2005. When asked if he would take the trophy now if it were offered, he refused to comment.

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