*Back in July Darwin Hobbs was about to board a plane, but he just didn’t feel “like himself.” A known diabetic, he’d already survived Congestive Heart Failure and knew that the shortness of breath he was experiencing could be a sign of trouble.

Instead of taking that Indianapolis bound flight to perform on the Yolanda Adams Morning Show the next day, he listened to his body and decided to go to the hospital.

That decision saved Darwin Hobbs’ life.

After being admitted to the hospital doctors discovered that a blood clot in his leg had separated and traveled to his lung. This medical term for this potentially fatal condition is Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Three months prior to this health scare, the “Champion” singer had Gastric Lap Band surgery, a weight loss procedure. While he lost 43 pounds, his post surgery lifestyle was sedentary, which doctors believe may have caused the clotting. The aggressive anti-coagulant (blood thinning) treatment doctors initiated was effective and now safely beyond the health scare, Hobbs said that he and his wife Traci “are grateful for God’s healing power and the fact that His Blood doesn’t clot, but it flows freely to all!”

With this second chance at life, Hobbs is now championing men’s health. To African American men especially, Hobbs says to be proactive and not to be afraid go get checked.

Recently he spoke to me about his struggles with weight loss and how this ordeal changed his life. Listen via player: