*Foxy Brown pleaded not guilty Friday to violating an order of protection against her neighbor – including an alleged mooning incident.

As previously reported, the rapper escaped a possible seven-year prison sentence after the grand jury voted on Tuesday not to indict her on the original felony arrest charges and two other misdemeanors.

Instead, Foxy Brown faces one year in prison on a misdemeanor count of criminal contempt.

Brown was arrested after her Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, neighbor, Arlene Raymond, accused her of screaming obscenities, exposing her buttocks, and screaming “Kiss my black a**” during an encounter on the street.

The order of protection dates back to 2007 when Brown smacked Raymond with a Blackberry phone.

But Friday, Brown was subdued and silent in the courtroom while her lawyer Salvatore Strazzullo entered her plea, and she spoke on the street mostly to complain to a reporter that her case wasn’t getting enough media coverage.

“What about that long interview I gave you, what happened to that?” she said, referring to brief comments she made on Tuesday.

Friday was Brown’s fourth recent appearance at the courthouse in this case, and in addition to shedding her original seven-person entourage, she also shed her customary teal mid-thigh-length dress for tight beige jeans, a tight beige sweater and a brown leather jacket, notes the New York Daily News.

Meanwhile, the order of protection was continued, and the case was adjourned until Nov. 16.